What a wonderful first week of school we have had! Just a few things, Homecoming is next week. Coronation is on Monday at 2:00 pm in the small gym. Dress up days are as follows: Monday-Zoom Day Tuesday-Frat boy Day Wednesday- Anything but a Backpack Day Thursday- Rival Day Friday- Spirit Day
8 days ago, Derek Gieseke
Attention band students and parents. Band practice for Saturday's parade will be held from 12:30-1:30 Friday. This is for students in grades 7-12. Parents, your help and cooperation is needed so please encourage your students to be there if possible. They will be able to participate in other floats they might be involved in. Numbers in the group help make it more successful. Thank you!
23 days ago, Derek Gieseke
Grygla Student Council Car Wash! Here is your chance to get your vehicles washed up before Grygla Fall Fest Weekend! Bring your vehicles to the Bus Garage East of Grygla School on Friday, August 27th from 2:00-5:00 PM. Each wash is only $5!
26 days ago, Derek Gieseke
Grygla Student Council will be hosting a Fun Run Saturday August 28th at 7:30 am! You can register by contacting Audrya at 218-689-4624 or email her at audrya@live.com by August 13th to receive a T-shirt. There is a registration fee of $20. This year, the route brings the runners through Grygla so spectators can sit and cheer the runners on!
about 1 month ago, Derek Gieseke
Fun Run Information
Thank you to all of our community members who took part in our Door Decorating Voting. We have our winners! 1st Place- Shaunna Olson 2nd Place- Derek Gieseke 3rd Place- Brooke Olson
9 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Shaunna 1st Place
Mr. Gieseke 2nd Place
Brooke 3rd Place
Good morning and Happy New Year everyone! Just a few quick updates for you: 1. School will begin face to face for P-5 students on Monday, January 4th. We will have our bus routes the same as we did for the two weeks following Thanksgiving and will also be delivering meals to the families that have previously requested them, unless we hear differently. If there are significant changes, we have notified you. If you have any questions, please call me at 701-741-4102. 2. 6-12 students will be distance learning the week of of January 4-8. The plan right now is to have those students return to school on Monday, January 11. Bus routes would return to their normal driver and times. 3. Basketball practice for boys and girls begins Monday, January 4th after school. The boys will practice in Goodridge and the girls in Grygla. Practices will begin at 4:00, and the bus for Goodridge will leave at 3:30. Practice will run until 6:30. We will have more information in regards to the season schedule next week. 4. We will resume with early outs beginning next week on Wednesdays
9 months ago, Derek Gieseke
With the impending weather for tomorrow, we are going to have a staff planning day tomorrow, Wednesday December 23rd. Students will not have to log into their classes but if they have questions, they can contact their teachers via email. Reminder that school will resume for PreK through 5th grade in person on January 4th and online for grades 6-12. Grades 6-12 will return to in person learning on January 11th.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
9 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Good morning everyone, Just a couple of quick updates today: 1. Today (Wednesday) is an early out. Students will be dismissed at 12:30, and buses will leave at 12:40 2. Upon returning from Christmas Break, we will have the P-5 students resume classes on 1/4 as planned, and grades 6-12 will resume on 1/11. We will continue to deliver meals, and if you signed up for them last time, we will keep you on the list unless we hear differently. If you have not been signed up for meals and would like them delivered, please let me know. Meal delivery will begin on Monday 1/4. Bus routes for 1/4-1/8 will back to what they have been when we've had only P-5 in the building.
9 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Hello everyone, Here is an update in regards to our plans moving forward. 1. We are currently still planning on returning the 6-12 grade students back to face to face beginning Monday, December 14. We will have all students in the building at that time, unless you have opted for distance learning or are in quarantine. 2. Because of this, we WILL NOT be delivering meals for that period of time (Beginning December 14). 3. We continue to work on our plans for what school will look like after Christmas Break, and what winter athletics will look like. We will have more information available on this in the coming days. 4. On Wednesday, December 23rd, School will be dismissed at 12:30, and buses leaving at 12:40. 5. Also a quick reminder that we have an early out tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9th. Students will be dismissed at 12:30, and buses will leave at 12:40. Meals WILL BE delivered tomorrow. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Gieseke or Mr. Lunsetter. Thank you!
9 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Good morning everyone. We will be going distance learning for grades 6-12 for 2 weeks starting next Monday November 30th, with our anticipated return for them to take place on Monday, December 14th.  Grades P-5 will stay in person throughout this time due to our ability to control class movements throughout the school.  Some bus times may change for the 2 week period for P-5 students.  We will be in contact with parents whose times are affected.  Meals will continue to be delivered for distance learning students, if they choose to receive them. Please fill out the Meal Delivery form Mr. Lunsetter shared with you in email. As always, with any questions please Mr. Lunsetter or Mr. Gieseke.
10 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Coming to a Charger Family Mailbox Near You!! Here are images of 2 mailings we are sending out today! Have a wonderful day!
10 months ago, Derek Gieseke
The Good in Our Lives and Costume Contest Info.
The Good in Our Lives, and Costume Contest Information
For the safety of community members, the students in Business 101 have decided to host a School Store Christmas Order Website instead of the traditional in person Christmas Order. Ordering will be available from November 17th- November 29th. Orders will be delivered the week of December 14th, either to the school or directly to community member homes. Here is the link: https://stores.inksoft.com/chargers_store/shop/home
10 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Chargers Holiday Clothing Sale
Good Morning! Just a reminder that starting today, we will have an early out on every Wednesday where students will be dismissed at 12:30 to give time for teachers to continue providing the best education for our students. Students will be fed before they leave. Buses will have their normal routes.  Please call the school with any questions.
10 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Good afternoon, Here is our plan for next week (November 9-13): We will be returning face to face for grades K-5. Grades 6-12 will continue distance learning, in part, because of the high county case numbers, and in part because it is a 3 day week (Monday and Friday were planned days off). K-5 students will be in person for Tuesday-Thursday classes. Grades 6-12 will continue distance learning Tuesday-Thursday. In addition, we will be returning to athletics play beginning Monday, November 9th for volleyball and football (more information to come on this...practice/game times, etc...). Because Monday and Friday are planned days off, meals will not be delivered on those days, but students in grades 6-12 should continue to expect meal delivery Tuesday-Thursday. If you have any questions, please let Mr. Gieseke or Mr. Lunsetter know.
11 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Good Afternoon,This is a reminder that tomorrow, our staff will have a half day In-service starting at 12:08 pm. This means there will be no class during the afternoon for any of the students. High School students will have their normal scheduled hours which will be class hours 1 through 4 in the morning.  Again, there will be no distance learning tomorrow afternoon. Also, there will be a school material pickup and drop off time on Thursday, October 29th. This will occur with our meal delivery so please have any materials ready for our drivers wherever they drop the meals off. If you are not on the meal delivery list, you will still be able to receive materials if the teachers need them delivered. Drivers will be leaving the school at 11:30 
11 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Good Afternoon everyone,I wanted to say thank you to our Staff, Students, and Community for your flexibility, patients, and grit through all of this. I also wanted to clarify a fews things after this eventful day. 1st, Our bus drivers will be leaving from the school with meals at 11:30 and will be following their bus routes as much as possible. If you are interested in receiving meals for your students please call the school.  2nd, we will still be holding our parent teacher conferences on Thursday November 5th and Tuesday November 10th. However, we will hold those conferences completely virtually. Please contact your student's teachers to set up a meeting. 
11 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Due to a second confirmed COVID case in our student body, we will be closing at noon today for two weeks to go distance learning.  Teachers will be sending materials home with students today.  We will resume classes as usual on Tuesday, November 10.  All elementary students will be fed at the school today, and 6-12 students will have a sack lunch sent home with them.  If you did not respond to the survey last week asking about meal delivery, please respond to the email Mr. Lunsetter sent this morning that you would like to have meals delivered during this two week period.  This is a difficult decision, but one that we feel will help us to get back face to face with our students sooner, and hopefully for a longer period of time.  All athletics will also be postponed for 2 weeks.
11 months ago, Derek Gieseke
School will be closed for staff and students on Friday. All contact tracing is being done. If parents have not been notified your kids have not been a close contact of the individual. School will resume on Monday, face to face. This includes all Charger practices. If you have questions call Jamie Lunsetter at 701-741-4102.
11 months ago, Derek Gieseke
Parents and students, Wednesday, October 28th will be an early out for the students. All students will be dismissed at 12:30 after lunch, and buses will leave at 12:40. The JV and V football team will practice at 6:00 a.m. in Goodridge, with the bus leaving Grygla at 5:30. The JV and V volleyball team will practice at 6:00 a.m. in Grygla, with the bus leaving Goodridge at 5:30.
11 months ago, Jamie Lunsetter
Our Student Council has put together several awesomely assorted gift baskets to auction off via Silent Auction! All proceeds will go to Gunder Paulson of Goodridge. Here is the Link: https://www.32auctions.com/gunderpaulson
12 months ago, Derek Gieseke