G Suite

Google Classroom
Classroom is a good place to start to distribute work, links, and other information to students. It also is now integrated with Synergy to allow you to grade work turned in to Classroom and automatically syncs with Synergy.
What is Google Classroom?
El Nuevo Google Classroom: Tutorial Completo

Google Forms Quiz 
You can now use Google Forms to make quizzes that can be automatically graded if it has a specific answer or can be fairly easily reviewed.
The Basics of Creating a Quiz in Google Forms

Google Draw
Google Draw is a tool for making diagrams, drawings, and whatever else you can think of that people don't know is out there.
Google Drawings Tutorial
5 Google Drawings Features


Flipgrid allows teachers and students to respond to questions with individual video answers. It works kind of like a discussion board, but with videos instead.
What is Flipgrid?
Flipgrid in 3 minutes.

Actively Learn
Actively Learn is a resource that contains a whole host of different resources for social studies, science, English/Language Arts, and news that allows you to add questions and chunk the text to be more manageable for readers.
Actively Learn - Teacher Intro

Epic is a resource that is free for teachers that contains 25,000 videos of books being read for students
Epic! Kids Books

Storyboard That
Storyboard That allows students to create their own storyboards or comics as a way to demonstrate their learning in a creative way.
Getting Started with Storyboard That

Desmos Activity Builder
Desmos Activity Builder is a great resource that is made by a math focused company, Desmos, but can be used in a wide range of ways. It can be used to make card sorts, simple sets of questions, you can add pictures and videos, along with whatever else you come up with. I attached a spreadsheet with some examples below, but there are definitely ways to use it across content areas.
Desmos for Elementary
CREATE: Desmos Activity Builder Overview

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