Suicide Prevention

As September wraps up as National Suicide Prevention month this brings to the very fact that bullying is a major role and partakes within the loopholes of suicides. Among people aged 10-34 is the shocking fact suicide sits as the second leading explanation for death. We’ve another quote in the week depicting the result on what happens once you portray as a bystander. 

The worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing ~ Ice Cube

Life may be a bummer sometimes but you have to specialize in the great stuff. We are living during a crazy time now, but there’s tons of excellent things happening every day as well. Those that suffer the foremost are those that stay silent and it's okay to not be okay. Being a kind human being costs $0 and an easy fist bump or smile towards someone can really change the day for them. The prevention of bullying is as important as breaking the norm of bystanders, you merely can’t change anything by doing nothing. If you recognize someone that needs help reaching out, support their process even if it cannot be acquired by anyone but themselves. 800-273-8255