WED, APR 8, 2015

A photo of Dustin working on a flyer.

Dustin working on a flyer to hand out to teams at worlds



We just arrived in St. Cloud for the state tournament and have st



Today we all met and decided to go back to our normal every Wednesday practices. To prepare for the state tournament in St. Cloud the G team has decided to put on line followers and sonar sensors to hopefully prepare a better autonomous mode. The C team started working on a pneumatic claw and building a different style elevator lift. Both teams are working on driving and practicing scoring the skyrise section.

Emotional Status: Everybody has been very chill since we decided to only meet once a week so we can all just take a break. Christmas break is also arriving so everyone is very excited to leave school!



So today we all met to get some final touches finished on our robots before the Bemidji tournament tomorrow.



I haven't posted in a while but I will try to update you in a few quick sentences. The G team won the Albany tournament and went on to get the excellence award. The C team lost in the semi-finals falling just short of one point. Now back to the present, some of the team decided to meet today after school until 8. The G team is working on transferring their scissor lift to a new chassis. They decided to try an X drive for the first time. The C team is working on moving their robot to the G teams old chassis.

emotional status: Everyone is pretty chill today and it seems like the day has gone very quick. We all seem to be very relaxed and pretty calm especially with the upcoming tournament this Saturday.



Hi there, today is the day we have all been prepping for, the Albany tournament. Everyone is very excited and ready for the tournament to begin. The tournament hasn't started yet so the G team is practicing driving and the C team is working on placing their robot it the right spot. I will have pictures and updates after every match hopefully!



Tonight the G and C teams decided to meet before we leave for the tournament tomorrow. The G team is working on their skyrise intake and just tweaking little things like the wiring. The C team was working on their intakes for the skyrise and the cubes.

Emotional Status: Everyone is very excited and worried for the tournament on Sunday. Just some small disagreements about the intake but everyone has been very calm.



Today both teams met and have been working hard on their robots. With the arrival of basketball season most of the C team and none of the G team are gone. The G team is working on their wiring and designing a skyrise intake. The C team is working on ways to improve their elevator lift and figuring out a simple way to use counter weight.

Emotional Status: Everyone is feeling very excited about the upcoming tournament this weekend. We will be posting updates of the tournament on here for Saturday and hopefully a few videos.