Student Council

The Grygla Student Council is the student body representative of the Grygla School.  It is a position that should be taken seriously.  Members of the student council are in a leadership position.  A Grygla Student Council member has several responsibilities, such as, to initiate and complete such activities which will better help the school, the students, the facility and administration for the better. Our Student Council members partake in many fun activities such as, the Fall Summit, Fall Fest, the Blood Drive, Homecoming, and Spring Fling.

Advisors- Brenna Dallager and Katelyn Larson


Executive board

Executive Board

President- Kia Klein

Vice President- Emily Johnson

Secretary- Chelsie Nelson

Student council

First Row: Andrew Englund, Molly Cullen, Callie Loken, Chelsie Nelson, Reece Sundberg, Kia Klein, Ahna Stanley. Second Row: Mollie Lunsetter, Raymond Moe, Owen Larson, Addison Severts, Allie Sundberg, Anna Sundberg, Emily Johnson. Third Row: Gus Jones, Jens Oslund, Ryelin Stanley, Colbie McManus, Paizley Moe, Emma Sundberg.




Senior Class

President- Ahna Stanley

Representative- Nevaeh Shaffer

Secretary- Reece Sundberg

Junior Class

President- Molly Cullen

Representative- Andrew Englund

Secretary- Callie Loken



Sophomore Class

President- Anna Sundberg

Representative- Allie Sundberg

Secretary- Addison Severts

Freshman Class

President- Raymond Moe

Representative- Owen Larson

Secretary- Mollie Lunsetter



8th grade Class

President- Colbie McManus

Representative- Ryelin Stanley

Secretary- Jens Oslund

7th grade Class

President- Gus Jones

Representative- Paizley Moe

Secretary- Emma Sundberg