Students and Parents,

Thank you for your patience and support as we all take part in this adventure.

First of all, I want to say how proud I am of the High School Music students for their accomplishments during Large Group Contests! Both Band and Choir received "Superior" ratings and in my 21 years here I believe that is the first time that has happened in one year. It is not easy to accomplish and doing that with the small numbers we have is really awesome. I know the kids were really proud, also.

I am working on lessons and activities for ALL the music students to keep them engaged and to continue making music a part of their daily life. Stay safe and healthy!

Gene Lunsetter, Music Director

A photo of MR. LUNSETTER'S music class.

Check back for updates!

At this time I will be using Google Classroom for grades 3-5 in elementary and for all my High School groups which would be Jr. High Choir, Jr. High Band, Sr. High Choir, Sr. High Band and Music Appreciation. K-2 students will receive a packet of various music activities that will be sent out later this week. Grades 3-5 will also be getting 2 separate packets and I will be communicating with them on Google Classroom regarding music class time. More info to come. Thank you!

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