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Important Dates to Remember

11/24-No School

11/25-No School

12/7-Mid-Term 2nd Quarter; Need 5 A.R. Points for the Quarter

12/23-Early Out

12/26-12/31-No School

1/1-1/2-No School

1/3-School Resumes

1/20-End of 2nd Quarter; Need 10 A.R. Points for the Quarter

2/17-No School

2/20-No School

2/22-Mid-Term 3rd Quarter; Need 5 A.R. Points for the Quarter

3/17-No School

3/24-End of 3rd Quarter; Need 10 A.R. Points for the Quarter

3/28-Conferences 4:00-8:00 p.m.

4/4-Conferences 4:00-8:00 p.m.

4/7-No School

4/10-No School

4/26-Mid-Term 4th Quarter; Need 5 A.R. Points for the Quarter

5/17-Need 10 A.R. Points for the Quarter

5/24-End of 4th Quarter; Last Student Day

Progress reports are sent home on Thursdays. Please sign and return to school with your child on Friday.

Classroom Rules

Ready-Have pencils, notebooks, etc... Turn in homework. Be quiet when appropriate. Have A.R. book. Have clean mask/face shield and water bottle daily.

Respectful-Respect others (classmates, teachers). Respect school property. Do not talk while others are talking. Respect yourself. Respect personal space.

Responsible-Be in your seat and ready for the day when the bell rings. Clean up after yourself. Keep track of your things. Get homework done and handed in on time. Wear mask/face shield and do not play with it.

Communication is important. 
If you or your child has any questions please email me at

Passwords are written on the inside cover of planners.

Your child needs to be in good standings to participate in extra activities such as: field trips, intramural basketball, class parties, etc. This means that they need to have: good behavior, grades higher than D+, and be caught up on A.R. points.


Please check your child's planner every night. In it you will find their homework, any upcoming tests, and other important information.

Class Schedule

8:30-8:50 Spelling

8:50-9:25 Grammar

9:25-10:05 Reading

10:05-10:25 Morning Recess

10:25-11:05 Science/Health

11:05-11:25 Silent Reading

11:25-11:55 Lunch

11:55-12:25 Recess

12:25-1:32 Math

1:32-1:55 Music

1:55-2:18 Phy-Ed

2:18-2:35 Read Aloud/Snack

2:35-3:05 Social Studies

3:05-3:10 Agendas

3:15 Dismissal

Mondays 10:30-11:00-Library

Spelling List 6

Stay Healthy