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Important Dates to Remember

4/27-4th Q. Mid-Term; Need 5 A.R. points for 4th Q.

5/18-Need 10 A.R. Points for 4th Q.

5/20-No School

5/27-Last Day of School

Progress reports are sent home on Thursdays. Please sign and return to school with your child on Friday.

Classroom Rules

Ready-Have pencils, notebooks, etc... Turn in homework. Be quiet when appropriate. Have A.R. book. Have clean mask/face shield and water bottle daily.

Respectful-Respect others (classmates, teachers). Respect school property. Do not talk while others are talking. Respect yourself. Respect personal space.

Responsible-Be in your seat and ready for the day when the bell rings. Clean up after yourself. Keep track of your things. Get homework done and handed in on time. Wear mask/face shield and do not play with it.

Communication is important. 
If you or your child has any questions please email me at

If you forget a password for something, remember to check the inside of your planner.

You need to be in good standings to participate in extra activities such as: field trips, intramural basketball, class parties, etc. This means that you need to have: good behavior, grades higher than D+, and be caught up on A.R. points.


Please check your child's planner every night. In it you will find their homework, any upcoming tests, and other important information.

Class Schedule

8:30-8:45 Early Math

8:45-9:00 Grammar

9:00-9:50 Reading

9:50-10:05 Spelling

10:05-10:25 Morning Recess

10:25-11:05 Science/Health

11:05-11:25 Silent Reading

11:25-11:55 Lunch

11:55-12:25 Recess

12:25-1:32 Math

1:32-1:55 Music

1:55-2:18 Phy-Ed

2:18-2:35 Read Aloud/Snack

2:35-3:05 Social Studies

3:05-3:10 Agendas

3:15 Dismissal

Mondays 10:30-11:00-Library

Spelling List 6

Stay Healthy