How Old

Now we all know the legal age for all of these things. The driving age is a little different in each state, but the standard age is usually 16. Smoking cigarettes recently got changed to 21 years of age instead of 18. Drinking alcohol, you can legally drink at 21 years of age. To vote you have to be 18. 

Now, the ages for them I think are pretty good. I do not have a problem with them, but if I could change some, here are some I would change and why.

The first one is voting. I think that the age could be lowered down to 16, as teenagers have learned about politics and know what voting means by that age. I know that some teenagers are not mature enough at this age to vote, but maybe we could do this; What if you could have a choice to vote at the age of 16 and 17, and by 18 you had to vote. Now I know people have a choice to vote after 18, but usually people vote majority of the time. They can vote if they want to, or they do not have to vote, but they could do that legally by their choice. Since 16 and 17 year olds cannot vote, it would be nice for them to have a choice also. 

Now onto alcohol. I think 21 is a perfect age for legally consuming alcohol. After young adults graduate high school, they have more time to think about college. They always have that little bubble in their head saying if they got caught drinking, they could get in really big trouble. I like that idea as more people might be more cautious about drinking. No one can hide the fact that 18-20 year olds drink, that is just how the cookie crumbles, but knowing they can get in serious trouble makes them back out (sometimes).

Now the driving age. I also think 16 is a good age to start driving and getting used to the road ahead of time. I know when I got my license I felt so brave and so mature. It makes you feel like you are an adult. I know some kids drive recklessly at 16, but that can get them in serious trouble. It is really risky getting in trouble from the cops at that age, but I do not see a problem with that age for driving.

Now smoking. When I heard that the smoking age went higher, I really was happy that it was. I really wish cigarettes were not a thing, but I cannot stop that. A lot of people really did not like the age change. I love it because people should not be smoking anyways. I cannot stop them, and I will not make them, but I do not like it. Nothing about smoking regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes is good for you. I really think smoking is absolutely stupid, and that people really need to look back at reality and look what is coming up ahead of time; mouth cancer, throat or lung cancer, breathing problems, bad breath, no teeth, they smell horrible. There are so many things wrong with smoking that I still do not understand why people do not get help immediately. I know when you are addicted you do not seek help, and that is why people still do it is because they have no one to help them. The smoking age could be raised to 25 and I still would not think that is a high enough age. I think a good age for smoking is probably 30. People should not be smoking, period. I pick 30 years old because by then people can see how bad it is to smoke and they can have their young life. No one wants to die young, or at least have health problems.