Trump and Biden Debate

I was watching the debate last night and I felt like it was very unprofessional from both sides Republican and Democrat. It felt like the debate didn't have anything really to do with helping the country instead it felt like the both sides were bickering back and forth at each other without accomplishing anything.

  As far as the debate went,  I'm sorry you just shouldn't be taking shots at the Democratic side, that's just not right. It doesn't do anything for anyone to do that just to sit there and fight about pointless stuff.

 When you talk about having class in front of TVs, the audience and that type of stuff, representing your chosen party, your party looks bad. All of it, just to get a cheap shot in on someone else. You're not accomplishing anything that way.

  Calling other people names on national TV, that's just unacceptable. You're not getting anything accomplished that way. At the end of this, nothing was figured out or given any real direction. In my opinion, the candidates needed to stop pointing fingers at everyone else and figure out a solution to do what's best for our country.