Student Council

This past two weeks the student council has been meeting frequently as a whole to come up with a way to still have homecoming this year. We successfully made a schedule and had it last week! We had dress up days all week, along with hallway decorating on Wednesday, a movie theme skit on Thursday, and games on Friday afternoon, as well as, a game night on Friday in replacement of the usual Homecoming dance.

The student council is also a big part of the community, we organize and plan the local blood drives. We bring bars for everyone who comes to donate blood, and work the sign-up sheets for people who come in. We also put on a breakfast for the staff every year, to show them appreciation for all they do for us.  

I am new to the council this year, and so far I’m really enjoying it! I like being a part of this kind of thing, it makes me feel important and I like being able to speak for the rest of our student body, as well as, finding new ways to make our community and school better overall.  

I never really realized how much planning goes into things the student council does, but it's a lot to think about. Chloe Kuznia has been doing a great job as our President this year. She's very organized and always has new ideas, she takes charge of everyone and gets things done.