This week instead of Hunts of the Month, I will be talking about one of my favorite Hunting seasons. Grouse hunting to me, is my second favorite hunting season right behind deer hunting. I always have so much fun grouse hunting because I always go with my family and friends. This year I myself have bagged 0 birds but there is still plenty of season left. I went up to Beltrami this weekend with a few of my friends and we ended up getting 3 birds.

Grouse blend in well at this time of the year because there are still leaves on the trees, but as more leaves start to fall the more you will be able to see. Grouse are just a cool bird in general. When a grouse puffs up, it almost looks like a turkey but smaller and a different color. Grouse usually only puff up or drum when they are mating. Grouse have this cool camouflage color to them. The introduction picture shows a grouse puffed up.

We also have a blast after we go hunting because we know we get to eat them.  Grouse, in my opinion, tastes just like chicken, I can’t tell the difference. The cleaning process of a grouse is super easy.

Fun fact- People in Minnesota usually bag up to 250,000 birds per year and sometimes the number gets over 1 million if the year is really good. In the last decade, the Hunter’s Number has gone down to 85,000 to 90,000 per year. The lowest number over the last 40 years was in 2018 at 67,765 birds.

The only tip that I have on grouse hunting is that at daybreak they like to be on gravel roads in the woods because they eat gravel to grind up the berries they eat. You have to look very close as they blend in very well but if you get too close they will more than likely fly away. If you have never been grouse hunting I recommend that you try it because it is such a blast! That’s all I have for you this week, have a fun and safe Grouse hunting Season!