Sports News

Last week we found out that the Goodridge-Grygla Chargers will be having a fall season, both Football and Volleyball. This has been the best news we’ve had lately! This season will obviously be modified, due to the virus, but it will still be doable. 

They are still working on making a schedule. Currently, we know that Volleyball will be having an 11 week season. Still not sure if playoffs will be happening this year, due to virus restricitions. There also might be a limit on how many spectators we get to have, but hopefully we can maintain social distancing and still invite families to come, watch and cheer for our Chargers. 

Football will be having a 6 week season, and hopefully still having a playoff season. There shouldn’t be a limit on spectators at the football game since it’s outside, but you never know. The football schedule is almost done, but not completely finished. So come back next week for an update.