Online Schooling

So as everyone knows, this school year is a little different. Covid-19 has really impacted everyone’s lives. In March, of this year, is when everyone went chaotic. Schools were closed for months, and we had a big road ahead of us.

When school first closed for two weeks to decide how to resume school, everyone had a little vacation. All the students were happy they got to be home for a few weeks, it felt like christmas break. I, personally, was really happy we got to be home.

Then those two weeks passed by, and schools decided everything was going to be online for the rest of the year. No more basketball championships, sports, etc.

Before covid really hit, my friends and I had plans to hang out and go to the Ralph Engelstad Arena to go watch the Boys Championship game. Two days later, we found we couldn't go, and knew this was starting to get serious. 

As school went online during March, April, and May, I was nervous. The first few days I wasn’t overly nervous, but as the days went on, I realized it was actually nice to be home.

When our school didn’t do zoom classes or google meet’s, it was nice to kind of get a break from everyone, in my opinion. The biggest downside, it wasn’t fun to miss prom, spring fling, and every other important event that happens in those months.

During online school in March, it would take 2 hours to finish all of the homework, and you could go on the rest of your day with whatever you wanted to. You could even wake up whenever you wanted. Now say you had a job like me, you could be getting more money saved up, which was another pro. You could work on things you never had time to work on during quarantine. That was another pro. 

Now to the cons of this situation. If parents had kids, who couldn’t take care of themselves, it was really hard to find someone to watch them. If they did not have enough money to spend on food for them at home, that was another con. The biggest question for many parents was, if they needed to leave for work, what would their kids do? A lot of cons happened during this time period.

A lot of things have changed since those three months, and the summer. This year distance learners have a google meet for every class, and we have to wake up at the same time as we would if we were going to school normally. This is my point of view of online schooling in 2020. Let’s start with the pros. The pros of online are pretty nice, in my opinion. Say you wake up late for school, and you only have 10 minutes to get ready. Well, it’s pretty easy to brush your teeth, do your hair, and change your clothes in 10 minutes. You open your computer, and two clicks and your in class. I have not been late yet to any classes so this has never happened to me yet. Let’s hope it doesn’t :). Also, if you’re doing online school, MAKE SURE you have a nice flat space away from noise, a nice chair to sit in, and a productive work space. Those are my main concerns for online. Right now I have a desk in my room and everything is organized, in case I need a book for something, I got it right with me. Organization is key, especially if you have a lot of books for classes, like me. 

Another pro about online is leaving classes early. After the teacher is done with the lecture, you get to leave the google meet early, and do your homework in peace and quiet. Usually I leave the class, turn on my alexa for music, and do my work productively until next class.

Another pro is lunch! You get to eat whatever you want! And if the teacher lets you go early out of the google meet, you get extra minutes of lunch! You can’t be mad at that! As long as you finish your work for that class, or you do it for homework after school. 

Those are just some of the pros that I personally love about online school, on the flip side, there are many cons to online learning. You need stable internet, that is key in online learning.

Some families don’t have the money for that, so it is harder to connect. Luckily the school helps people out with that problem.

Food at home. Sometimes families don’t have time to cook for you everyday, or there is no one to cook for you, and finding food to eat everyday can be hard and VERY expensive. Grocery shopping is not cheap, I have learned from experience.

Some people also find it hard to learn, including me. I think it is harder not being in the classroom and getting the learning experience like I used to. Luckily, there are people at the school to call for for help.

Another big con that I have experienced already is motivation. Motivation is one of the biggest things you need for online. I have caught myself saying “oh that isn’t due till tomorrow, I will work on it later tomorrow”. That is a big no-no. It is very hard to have motivation all day, especially if you sit in your room all day and night doing school work. Yes, you’re being productive all day, but looking at the outside world. You are stuck in your house all day, doing schooling. Some people are going nuts.

There are a lot more of the pros and cons of online schooling. These are just mine that I have noticed already. Personally I think online schooling is nice for me since, I can listen to my own music when I get time, I can be with my pets all day. My pets miss me all day during regular schooling, and so being with them really brings joy to me. Another thing I tend to do during online school is get some house chores done while in class. I can help out my parents by doing little things, like folding some laundry, letting the dog out to go to the bathroom, cleaning my room, etc.

Online has its pros and its cons. It just depends on how you view it, and take action of yourself. Having a great mindset about it and going day by day is how I am dealing with it.