Hunts of the Month

On this week’s Hunts of the Month, it was the bow hunting opener last weekend. Trevor Kiesow, 42 years old out of Goodridge, MN, ended up dropping a really nice buck on the opening day. We had a chance to catch up with Trevor and he told us the story on his Monster Buck.

Trevor says that he goes bow hunting every year but this year was different; he had a really big buck on the trail cameras. When he got set up on the first day, all that was running through his mind was if that big buck came close enough to get a shot at it. He was waiting and soon enough here came that big buck! He came within 30 yards. Trevor pulled the arrow back and shot. He thought it was a perfect shot. When he found the deer, the shot couldn’t have been better! He ended up only having to track it 70 yards! Trevor was very excited that the deer was on the ground. He shot the buck with a PSE xForce bow with Beman ICS hunter arrows and A 3 Blade chisel tip broadhead.

Trevor said he is going to mount it and he is going to have a heck of a time trying to beat this buck next year!