Pandemic Shutdown

The rapidly-developing coronavirus crisis is dominating global headlines and altering life as we know it…...

Many schools worldwide have closed. In the United States alone, 55 million students are rapidly adjusting to learning and socializing remotely, spending more time with family, and sacrificing comfort and convenience for the greater good. 

For an online student, days have blurred into Google Classroom assignments, hobby seeking, exceptionally boring days, and existential contemplation. The chance of freedom from school and yet the discombobulated feelings of helplessness and loneliness plague their time home alone. 

Finding new ways for students to socialize at home during this pandemic can be essential whether its standing outside with masks on 6 feet apart, or simply staying in your vehicle with a mask on and visiting through windows. 

Seniors, sadly, got the worst of it all. Being a Senior in High School during this pandemic has seemed to chop off the fun parts of Senior year. Everything is being set aside; such as homecoming, senior class trip, prom, games, senior tea, and even graduation.

Although we are going through a horrific time filled with all kinds of uncertainty, we have been given the opportunity to spend more time with our loved families and learn more about ourselves, to a broader extent, while also strengthening our mental mindset.

Like so many others, I've learned to become stronger mentally, while also becoming creative on how I am living my life. The skills that this uncertain time has taught me will be something I plan to use for years to come! 

What has been done through this pandemic is the importance of knowledge across borders, companies, and all parts of society. If online learning and technology can play a role here, it is required upon all of us to explore its full potential.