Hello Spooky Season!

With the possibilities of Pumpkins, Candies and Spiders lingering in the air as the cooler weather sets in, the Grygla Chargers are excited for the upcoming Spooky Season!

This year, the Grygla Peer Helpers are working hard to find fun, interactive ways to celebrate the Spooky Season. This includes ideas of bringing back the always loved Haunted Hallway!

In past, the Haunted Hallway has been the biggest attraction for the Grygla Chargers, with Chargers of all ages itching to walk through the fright and the fun! This year, the challenge of finding a COVID-19 friendly way to complete the Haunted Hallway is proving that it might be the scariest part of this Spooky Season.

None the less, our Grygla Peer Helpers are up for the challenge and diving deep into the fun of the Spooky Season! On Tuesday, September 15th, they conducted their first meeting to brainstorm some ideas to give the Grygla Chargers the always anticipated Spooky Season fun we look forward to every year. Come back next week for an update on this meeting and the fun lingering in the shadows!