Hunts of the Month

On this week’s Hunts of the Month we have two Hunters who each got the first bear of their lives!

Surprisingly, the hunters are actually siblings; Sheldin and Anna Sundberg. We had a chance to catch up with both of them and hear exciting hunts and how it felt for their first time bear takedowns.

Sheldin Sundberg- A 15 year old boy out of Grygla,Minnesota shot and killed a 230 pound Black bear. He said he was really excited to go bear hunting this year. He has been wanting to go for the past 2 years but has not gotten the chance. He knew once he got the chance,he was going to make it count! Sheldin was using a 7mm 08 and was sitting in his stand with his Grandpa Lee. To add to the excitement of this hunt, it was Grandpa Lee’s first time going bear hunting as well. Sheldin passed up two smaller bears on the first night. On the second night he had a nice 230 pound bear come within 25 yards and dropped him on the spot. I asked Sheldin if he plans on going bear hunting next year and he responded with “Yea I am going to try and drop one with my bow next year.” Sheldin said bear hunting is way more exciting than deer hunting  because you can hear the bear walking and can hear his teeth crackling. I asked him if he had ever eaten bear before and he said “Yea and it tastes horrible.” He plans on turning his bear into pepper sticks. With any luck, his pepper sticks will be great and next year’s hunt even better for Sheldin Sunberg.

Anna Sunberg- A 13 year old girl out of Grygla, Minnesota shot and killed a 185 pound black bear. She was very excited about going bear hunting for the first time and couldn’t wait to get a bear on the ground. Anna shot the 185 pound bear on September 5,2020 with a 308. She ended up only having to track it approximately 20 yards! Her brother Sheldin was in the stand with her when she shot the bear. He was happy that she got one because she had to wait a few more nights than him to get this chance. Anna said she had a great time and can’t wait to go again next year! She said bear hunting is more exciting than deer hunting because she was in an open stand and could hear the bear walking. I asked Anna if she had eaten bear meat before and she responded with “It’s gross meat. Deer tastes better”. Congratulations to Anna and Sheldin on their successful hunts!